I realised that no one except me could and should decide whether to make a film. I think that that realisation is of key importance to a director… … The story takes place in the present day and deals with eternal themes. I'm not interested in day-to-day events and political topics. I'm much more interested in those small fateful things that are woven between people than I am in explosions and ideological bluster. With Rustling Landscapes I wanted to make a beautiful, intimate film.
   -Janez Lapajne (Vikend magazin, July 2001)

During rehearsals and filming we talked a lot about relations between men and women. The discussions that came out of this were often fairly intense.
   -Barbara Cerar (Vikend magazin, July 2001)

Bela Krajina is a special part of Slovenia that hasn't been filmed enough. It was useful because of its distance from Ljubljana and the other bigger towns. Our story takes place in the middle of nowhere. We're dealing with intimate problems that people sort out between themselves and between their own four walls; we wanted the surroundings to illustrate this as well.
   -Rok Vihar (Slovenian National TV, July 2001)

I really liked the way we worked. Right from the beginning we worked really closely together and arrived at one of those spontaneous moments … … The actors participated to the fullest extent. You usually need a bit of time to gel together as a team; here it happened right from the start.
   -Grega Zorc (Slovenian National TV, July 2001)

I have to say I haven't had as much fun filming for a long time.
   -Maša Derganc (Slovenian National TV, July 2001)